Deborah Darnulc

Deborah Darnulc

Deborah Darnulc started her career over 20 years ago working at the  Manhattan advertising agencies of N.W. Ayer, Bozell, Jacobs, Kenyon  & Eckhardt and Jordan, McGrath, Case & Taylor.  While there she  worked on some notable consumer accounts such as AT&T, Minolta, U.S.  Air Force, Vanity Fair, Tonka Toys and Ecotrin.  She joined John  Harrison’s agency, Harrison, Leifer, DiMarco, in 1989 as Media Director  and was an integral part of their growth from five employees to 40.   Deborah implemented many successful marketing campaigns for clients such  as Fougera Pharmaceuticals, Medical Action Industries, and Professional  Disposables, Inc. While Deborah specialized in the healthcare industry,  her knowledge of consumer marketing was put to use in helping HLD’s  consumer electronic, financial and banking clients grow their business  as well.

And now partnering once again, Deborah and John have started The Brand Compound.

You can contact Debbie at 631-470-3917 and


John Harrison

John Harrison

For over 20 years, John was President of Harrison Leifer DiMarco (HLD),  one of Long Island’s largest and most accomplished branding,  advertising, public relations and interactive agencies.  The agency  employed 40 professionals and serviced more than 50 clients from a broad  spectrum of categories including:  health care, consumer electronics,  financial, real estate and insurance.

A noted branding expert, John has won numerous awards including:  Telly’s, BOLI’s, Summits, Rx Club Awards of Excellence, In Awe’s and Pro  Comm Awards.  John successfully engineered two decades of growth for  HLD, to become the dominant force on the Long Island advertising scene.   In 2002, HLD became the first ever advertising and public relations  agency named to the list of The 25 Fastest Growing Private Companies on  Long Island, by Hofstra University and KPMG.  In 2003, John was named  the Advertising Executive of the Year by Long Island Business News and  the Long Island Advertising Club.

John sold his stake in HLD to his partners in September of 2006, and  started a merger and acquisition firm, Miller+Harrison Inc. (M+H) with  the former Chief Financial Officer at HLD.  M+H specialized in servicing  the merger and acquisition needs of the advertising and public  relations industry in the New York metropolitan area.

John is a past Board member of the League of Advertising Agencies of New  York, the Long Island Advertising Club and the Advertising Agency  Council.

You can contact John at 516-279-9017 and  


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