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Strategic thinking is the foundation
of our success, and is based on our acknowledgement that no two  marketing programs are alike.  For instance, sometimes you need fresh  thinking to jump start not-so-new products and services. At The Brand  Compound we can help you capitalize on the equity of both new and  existing products and services by developing the following: 

Strategic Planning and Development

We immerse ourselves in your business to fully understand your products,  services, customers, channels of distribution, sales strategy and the  competitive landscape.  We assess and develop the strategic marketing  direction of your company’s brands, and develop a fully integrated  marketing communications plan.  
The integrity of your brand is assured through the development of an  array of strategically based  communication tools that should be  utilized throughout your campaign.  We understand the creation,  establishment and sustainability of your brand identity and the  importance of incorporating those ideas into a tightly  knit, cohesive integrated marketing program.  

360° Brand Analysis ℠

"A brand is a singular idea or concept that you own inside the mind of  the prospect. It’s as simple and as difficult as that.”  That was  written almost a decade ago, yet is truer today more than ever.

The 360° Brand Analysis ℠ is an in depth study of your brand and its  current performance. Have you determined the brand promise? Are you  getting the message across? Are you fulfilling the promise? Is it  working? These are just a few of the questions that we will ask to help  you direct your brand's future. As an unbiased resource, we will  help you uncover the best answers in a fresh and independent manner.  They will become the cornerstone of every brand aspect moving forward.

The 360° Brand Analysis ℠ includes in depth questioning of the executive  team; surveying clients, prospects and employees; analyzing brand path  effectiveness, utilization and tactics; and The Brand Compound  recommendations.  

Advertising & Marketing Materials

The Brand Compound embraces the challenge of developing strategically  based, head-turning creative. We understand that you have just a few  seconds to grab someone’s attention and begin the process of  capturing him or her as a customer.   

Public Relations

 An important piece of any communications program, Public Relations can  be a very cost-effective part of your marketing effort. At The Brand  Compound, we pride ourselves on delivering the right message to  the right audience in the right media.  The results? Maximum positive  awareness and the mind-influencing results your brand is looking to  achieve. 

Interactive & Website Development

In these quickly changing and challenging times, Websites are a driving  communication force, and very often the first impression clients may  have of your business. In many cases, your Website is your No.1 sales  tool.
The Brand Compound firmly believes that a sound strategic approach to  the development of a creative, engaging and a user-friendly Website is a  top priority. We will help you breakthrough the complex environment of  interactive media, and conceive, implement, manage and track a  meaningful program that will meet your marketing objectives. 


On-line and Social Media Marketing

Today's marketing is all about real time communications: understanding  what your target audiences are viewing, doing and using. We further that  knowledge with Web analytics, mobile marketing, email marketing, search  engine optimization, viral campaigns, and social media  participation and promotion. 

The Compound Factor ℠

Communicating the essence of your brand to your customers today is more  complicated than at any time in recent memory. Messaging now occurs on  so many different levels and in so many divergent places. Today you need  an organization that understands this new paradigm -- one that combines  the experience of your industry with the very latest marketing  techniques to effectively and efficiently reach your audiences.

We use our proprietary methodology to untangle the complexities of this  new marketing landscape, reaching your customers in the places that are  directly relevant to your objectives. We call it The Compound  Factor℠ (TCF for short), and it facilitates a seamless integration of  traditional marketing methods with the new digital platforms that are  essential to successfully managing today's consumer and B2B  relationships.

The rapid emergence of social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and  LinkedIn has many marketers worried about being left behind. TCF's  integrating function demystifies these new technologies by placing them  appropriately in the larger marketing context. TCF lets you treat  Twitter and other social media as additional channels alongside email,  blogging, Web ads, Webinars and more. And, TCF‘s unified reporting lets  you see immediately what part of your marketing mix is most effective.  TCF levels the marketing playing field, especially for companies with  modest budgets, so you can always lead with your strenghts.  

Beyond standard marketing

The Compound Factor also tracks and consolidates sales leads into one  system, categorizing them with a quick reporting tool that lets you see  how many leads there are, and at what stage of the sales process they  are in. TCF provides you with real–time, valuable sales statistics to  construct follow-up emails to prospects based on their unique set of  behaviors. The opportunity to cultivate prospects as they move through  the sales funnel prevents you from losing leads that might be slow  moving. Furthermore, TCF allows you to generate lists for the sales team  to let them know who’s hot. And, TCF works seamlessly with existing  sales programs, so you can be sure you are getting the most out of your  current infrastructure investments.  

Traditional and New Media Analysis and Execution

Whether print, direct mail, interactive, social media, radio, television  or outdoor, we establish clear communication objectives and media  components that will generate awareness and drive sales.  We are  committed to helping you understand and utilize emerging media  through the integration of evolving interactive technology  with traditional media.